Monday, March 31, 2008

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth Headsets should only be worn in the following situations:
  1. You are driving
  2. You are constantly on conference calls and need both hands free
  3. You are Lt Uhura
  4. Coordinating FEMA at a disaster site (see #2)
  5. ... Umm ... that's it
Wearing a Bluetooth Headset in the following situations make you look like a tool:
  1. Walking down the street
  2. Church
  3. In the grocery store with your children
  4. Playing golf
  5. Just about anything.
It's great that you can afford a bluetooth headset. But you are not cool wearing one - especially if you aren't even talking on the phone! It's a gateway gadget to geekdom - next you will think this gadget holster is a good idea!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, no...we thought you would love a gadget holster for your birthday...just don't open that package tomorrow