Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools!

Today is my birthday. As an April Fool's Day baby, I have been the recipient of may April Fool's Day practical jokes. It is amazing how many people come up with the same joke and think it's hysterical. Perhaps it is to them, but after hearing the same jokes since Kindergarten I find them less than humorous. Here's a list of my least favorite April Fool's Day Pranks and Jokes:
  1. You're a fool!
  2. Happy Birthday - April Fool's!
  3. You must have been the best joke your Mom gave your Dad!
  4. An empty box as a present
  5. My junior high girlfriend breaking up with me on my birthday -oh wait, that wasn't a joke.
  6. Birthday Card that is for another holiday (ie Christmas)- April Fool's!
I think you get the idea.

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