Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why not us?

It reads like this summer's feel good screenplay -

The Philadelphia Flyers came out of nowhere in the final month of the regular season to seize a place in the playoffs. Nobody thought it was possible.

The Flyers beat the Capitals . I don't know who was more surprised - Flyers fans or Washingtonians who discovered that they had a hockey team (and then were horrified to learn they lost to last years LAST PLACE TEAM)?

The Orange starts coming out of the woodwork. A flag here, a banner there - nothing more than the normal obnoxious rabid Flyers fan displaying their colors proudly. Then the Flyers beat the Canadiens.

Holy crap! Kids are wearing old "Dead Ahead" hats they found in their father's closet.

Then reality sets in. Last night the Flyers went 0-3 to the Penguins. Has the little team that could finally run out of steam? Why? Because they lost two key defensemen? Because of unfair penalties (or lack thereof)? Because Comcast only cares about getting Philly teams to the playoffs, not winning the championship? No.

Because the spirit has gone out of Philadelphia - that's why. Case in point - the "WHY NOT US?" t-shirts given to 20,000 fans. BOO. Flyers fans went from "The Most Intimidating Fans in the NHL" (from the entry page to the Flyer's website) to "WHY NOT US?" !?!!!11

Basically the Philly fan animal went from "YES YOU WILL WIN OR WE WILL MAKE THE SCHUYLKILL RUN RED WITH YOUR BLOOD" to "SHUCKS, WOW!"?! Imagine being a player seeing every fan in the arena wearing shirts that say "It's Ok Buddy - go get em next year" - how much effort are you going to shell out?

Is it any wonder why people are turning to the Philadelphia Soul for inspiration? Oh wait, they're in a losing streak too. So now it's down to the Wings? GREAT.

Why not us indeed.

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