Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bare Chests

The first heat wave of summer has come and gone here in the Northeast. And as usual, the summer "beat the heat" styles were trotted out, displayed, and put back in the closet (or sent to the glue factory). Working in NYC gives one a multitude of summer styles to observe - especially when one of my offices is just outside of the Fashion District.

While performing my Summer Style research this week, I have noticed a new trend - bare chests. It seems the new en vogue male summer style is to leave the top 10-20 buttons of your dress shirt open and not wear an undershirt. Also note that waxing one's chest is out of fashion. The combination of current and outmoded styles collides in a juxtapostion of much needed manscaping.

Cap off the 1960's Manly Man style with a pair of large almost femine designer sunglasses and viola- You are now fashionable. I also recommend approximately 1 ton of antiperspirant so you don't overwhelm your neighbors within a 5 block radius with your man stink that is released via the gaping v of your unbuttoned shirt.

I can't wait to see what is displayed during the next heat wave.

I also must share my favorite summer style of 2008: A black leather fedora smartly matched with a sleeveless black mesh shirt, gray pleated slacks, and docksiders.


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