Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crashplan on headless linux box

I setup my home network to use my linux server as a backup repository using a variety of tools (Time Machine, Crashplan, etc) and as a media content store for Plex Media Server, a shared iTunes library, and several massive iPhoto libraries that need to be sorted/deduped at some point.  

That solved my local data backup problems for my home network, but what can I do with the data to get it off site?  I though of doing periodic backups to a huge USB drive that I keep in the office, but that just plain blows.  After a lot of searching, I found that you can setup crashplan to run on a headless linux box.  I decided on this as my solution over using Amazon S3 or other similar cloud storage. 

Crashplan has a very simple model and I don't have to do much to configure it after installing.  Crashplan also has a mobile app that allows you to download any file in your backup, like a movie to your mobile device.

Here's the detail on how to setup Crashplan on a headless linux box from their website.  

The quick version - you port forward the crashplan desktop app to your server:
  1. Find the file on your desktop crashplan installation
  2. Uncomment the servicePort=4243 and change it from 4243 to another high port
  3. Do your port forward eg ssh -L 42009:localhost:4243 yourusername@headless.server.address
  4. Launch Crashplan on the desktop, now you are controlling the instance on the server.

Easy peasy.

If you need it, here's how to install Crashplan on Linux - about half way down.

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