Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mined my first 100 Dogecoins

I'm currently using an older desktop to run Plex Media Server.  A lot of the time it sits idle, so I thought I'd try to mine some cryptocurrency.  

I did some quick research and decided that Dogecoin would be best to get started.  They can't readily be computed with ASICs so my little box could have a chance.  Also, Dogecoin is sending the Jamaciaan bobsled team to the olympics after all.

I followed Dogecoin on Linux, the Complete Beginners Guide to install a wallet and a miner.  I don't have a graphics card installed yet, so I'm running minerd.  The only issue I had was a "duh" moment when I realized that my worker's password contained a bang ("!") and bash puked on me.

I signed up with a pool and a few days later, I'm finally at 100 Dogecoin.  I'll be installing a graphics card soon and I'll see how much faster I can get my idle box to generate coins.

I'm not married to Dogecoin, so I may also switch to Litecoin or something with a better exchange rate.

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